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Teaching Ideas.

If you have any ideas you've found successful or useful (not necessarily using our products), please send an email to and we will post your ideas to share with other teachers.

Needing ideas for teaching topics? Below are lists of Indo Ink resources that can be used to inspire you and your students! You will find them all on our Products Page

  • Food and Drink Flashcards
  • Cooking Flashcards
  • Fruit Flashcards
  • Food cut-outs
  • Fruit cut-outs
  • Vegie cut-outs
  • Wooden fruit sets
  • Model pedagang kaki lima
  • Transport flashcards
  • Transport cut-outs
  • model bajai, delman, becak and motorised becak
  • Hand puppets - Javanese family and Muslim family
  • Family Flashcards
  • Family cut-outs
  • Jobs cut-outs
  • Clothing Flashcards
  • Kebaya and waistband
  • Peci, jilbab and Balinese udeng headband
  • Balinese boys clothing set
  • Agama Islam clothing set
  • Javanese girls clothing set
  • Blangkon
  • Kain / Sarung
  • Selendang dancing scarf
  • School uniforms SD, SMP and SMA, Pramuka
  • Gold hair decoration
  • Angklung
  • Angklung music books
  • gamelan plain or batik
  • Mini gamelan orchestra
  • Suling (flute)
  • Pop music CD's
  • Childrens' music CD's
  • CD Javanese gamelan music
  • CD Balinese bamboo flute music
  • Mini wayang kulit screen set
  • Hand puppets
  • Wayang kulit
  • School uniforms
  • Assorted clothing (see above)
  • Takraw balls
  • Indonesian monopoly
  • congklak
  • Balinese kites
  • Wayang kulit playing cards
  • Wooden puzzles with words and pictures
  • Kris
  • Balinese offering boxes or offering stand and lid
  • Models of Borobudur and Prambanan
  • Traditional house stand-ups and traditional clothing stand-ups
  • cap batik tool and canting batik tool
  • jamu - traditional medicine
  • Balinese umbrellas and Balinese umbul-umbul flags
  • Indonesian flag
  • posters of the President, vice-President and the Pancasila
  • Indonesian postcards, birthday and Idul Fitri cards
  • Wayang golek and wayang kulit
  • Kuda lumping
  • Prize Packs
  • Balinese masks
  • Wayang kulit playing cards
  • Assorted scene paintings
  • Garuda pins
  • Indonesian signs

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